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Exciting encounters, stimulating atmosphere, thrilling interior, alluring lights and sound, rented-out to always just one party at a time.

Enjoy our leather sling, Dom throne, spanking bench, slave chair, huge adult playground, bondage cross, pillory, large spin wheel, golden cage, numerous toys and tools and much more.

Why not breaking up the tension in the whirlpool, followed by sweating in the sauna. Having a break with some coffee, tea, softdrink or champagne. Up to you wether inside the play rooms or using the thoroughly enclosed outdoor area.

You may rent our location by hours (4 hours at least) or flat-rated over night. For online reservation requests please use our booking form or send us an email for further questions. Our reservation schedule will help you find a suitable time slot.

For your stay over night we offer you optionally one or two double bed rooms or a comfortable 4-rooms-appartement with three double bed rooms, complete kitchen, spacy living room, 2 showers, 2 WC; separate floor, same building.

BDSM, bondage or simply "dating plus" - Whatever you expect, you get it. It's your choice. Enjoy your time. We are located 30 minutes southwards from Hamburg City.

By the way: Each over-night arrangement comes with additional, seperate private bed room for two. Of course fully-equipped offering TV, sound, large king size bed and pleasant furnishing.

What you won't find here? cancellation fees, hidden costs, closing time, chatty or nosy reception staff and likewise.

Our apartment is fancy and sophisticated, our rooms baroque or gothic style, far far away from any run-of-the-mill standard studio.

First principle: complete discretion: secluded parking lots, private play areas indoor and outdoor, nobody's watching you (except for those guys on your invitation list).

Set your individual light scenario according to your mood, your play, your will.

Same way you define the music for every room, the loudness and sound. Pamper your eyes and ears.

In allen Räumen sind abnehmbare Dimmschalter für unterschiedliche Lichtszenarien. Überaus praktisch für Fotografen.

The entire location is only your`s: Le Salon Rouge, Le Salon Noir, a spacy bathroom with shower and whirlpool for up to 4 persons.

The outdoor area ist totally fenced in by a large hedge. Use our Sauna, convenient loungers and protected outdoor seating area when ever you want..

By the way: Both the original Sybian and Striker MKII are included for sure.


Only a few clicks to your reservation request. La Cachette just for you...

optionally with Whirlpool, Sauna, by hours or flat-rated over night.


Discover the rooms, the entire equipment, Tools and Toys and much more.

An Overview.


covering all information about the location, arrangements, equipment, settings...


by hours, flat rated over night, your private party location, with or without whirlpool / sauna.

With 2 persons or more,
for 4 hours or longer.